Monday, August 22, 2016


Fit in or belong 

<There is this unspoken need within us all to fit in. And I guess I am no different from all the rest ... its a form of social approval that we all seek ... do you like me enough to be my friend ? And it is a lifelong quest ... often when I have found my direct interactions with people coming to an end .. I would often find them coming into my mind's eye when I did read something that would be of particular interest to them. Now is when a eureka moment is happening to me .. when I finally understand the raison d`etre for our 3rd eye and how it connects us all. Me in knowingness of an understanding of how the science of it works. To go into the nitty gritty details of anything is to beleaguer life .. into a lifetime of learning .. sometimes scholars die before they receive their just dues. Is it what you chose for your destiny ? I know the first pact I made with God when I saw my life heading in this direction .. heaven help anything that ties to pigeonhole me through something out of the past. I made so many conditions .. not this / not that ... dare you try to do this to me and God showed me how the world is fooled. It showed me .. I do not do this ... you make the choice when you follow the story of any other human that has walked the earth. I am found only in the wisdom of truths and those rules are very very few. And I learnt to separate God from our mundane world of finiteness and separate myself from all mundane stories of our world AND MY MOST IMPORTANT LESSON WAS TO LOVE MYSELF JUST THE WAY I WAS. WHEN I FORGAVE MYSELF AND LEARNT TO APPRECIATE MYSELF .. THE WORLD BEGAN TO FOLLOW. TO THOSE WHO DID NOT BELIEVE IN ME .. WOULD SOON HAVE TO EAT HUMBLE PIE .. FOR I ATE IT FIRST. THAT WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED .. IN COMING INTO MY OWN AUTHORITY ... I WALKED THE FAILURE'S PATH FOR SO MANY YEARS THAT NOT FITTING IN JUST DID NOT SEEM POSSIBLE. I WAS WHERE EVERYBODY WAS / IS. DID I NOT BEGIN FROM THOSE HUMBLE BEGINNINGS SO WHO WOULD GRUDGE ME MY SUCCESS .. WHEN THE NEXT LAYER INCLUDED THEM .. AND LIFE CARRIES ON BEING LIVED THROUGH THE EYES OF GOD .. MY RELEVANCE NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN TO ME FOR I HAD BREATHED MYSELF INTO MasterMind. IF YOU TOUCH MasterMind .. I am not easy to forget .. for I have breathed much into the many layers of its words through myself. May you always find God within your own self ... the ultimate gift of life everlasting is its promise. I do not know more than that at this moment in time but I am always vary of reading stories. Time is the best way to let things unfold and with easter sunday just having gone by i LEAVE YOU WITH ANOTHER THOUGHT .. A WAY SHOWN BY JESUS OF TAKING HIS PHYSICAL BODY WITH HIM WHEN HE LEFT THIS EARTH. MY MIND EXPLAINED THIS TO ME .. LOOK AT SPACE .. THERE ARE MANY PLANETS / WORLDS THERE AND THERE IS ONE FOR EVERY ONE OF US .. AN EXACT REPLICA FOR US TO LIVE IN ETERNALLY.

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