Monday, August 22, 2016


THE STORY OF DUALITY ... AN EXPANSION THROUGH ILLUSIONS. LET ME BEGIN WITH THE WORD ILLUSION .. I HAVE NOT BOTHERED TO LOOK UP THIS WORD BUT EXPLAIN IT FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. AN ILLUSION IS A REALITY EXPERIENCED BY THE CREATOR OF AN IDEA IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE THAT PARTICULAR FEELING. MANY ILLUSIONS BEGIN IN LOVE ... A DEEP AND ABIDING LOVE IS NOT SOME THING ONE CAN PUT INTO WORDS TO SHARE. IT IS A FEELING PURE AND SIMPLE. FOR ME IT CUTS ACROSS TIME AND SPACE AND I CONTROL THAT PRESENT REALITY ... WHETHER IT IS CLEARING THE ROAD OF TRAFFIC SO THAT I CAN MOVE ON. MOVE ON ... DID YOU HEAR THAT ... YES MOVE ON .. IS THE SIMPLEST REASON FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO DO SO. THIS IS HOW I SAW MYSELF AS A CREATOR ... ABLE TO CHANGE MY REALITY IN AN INSTANT WHEN I AM BY MYSELF ... FOR MY ENERGY IS PUREST THEN. LET ME GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE OF MY EXPERIENCE EARLY THIS MORNING. IT IS VERY VERY HOT AND THE POWER HAD BEEN CUT SOMETIME IN THE NIGHT. I WOKE UP HOT BUT NOT TOO BOTHERED .. MORE SOMNOLENT AND EAGER TO BE IN THAT STATE MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. I MUST STATE THAT I MANIFEST ON A DAILY BASIS ... SOMETIMES EASILY AND SOMETIMES NOT SO .. DEPENDING ON THE AMOUNT OF ENERGY I BRING TO THE OCCASION. THIS MORNING I WAS IN A PURE STATE OF EXISTENCE AND I JUST SPOKE ... I ACCEPT THAT GOD YOU LOVE ME SO MUCH THE POWER HAS BEEN RETURNED TO ME. I BARELY FINISHED THE SENTENCE AND THE POWER CAME BACK ON DUTIFULLY AND I DRIFTED OFF BACK INTO A DEEP SLUMBER. AND THE BESTEST .. I TAKE THESE ACTIONS FOR GRANTED ... A TRUST IN GOD SO UNFAILINGLY COMPLETE .. IT RETURNS TO ME AT ITS PUREST TOO. POSITIVE / NEGATIVE IS ONE DUALITY. ITS TRUTH IS THAT BOTH ARE NEEDED. ALWAYS ? AND FOR WHAT REASONS ?? WELL ELECTRICITY IS CREATED WHEN THE 2 CHARGES MEET. A FACT. ON THE OTHER HAND A QUANTUM FIELD EXISTS AROUND OUR BODIES IN THE FORM OF A ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD THAT MUST HOLD OUR CELLS TOGETHER FOR US TO EXIST AS BODIES IN A SHAPE AND FORM AS RECOGNIZED BY US. THIS FIELD IS NOTHING BUT OUR AURA (AHURA OR LIGHT AS ZOROASTRIANS KNOW IT AS). OUR AURAS ARE CONTAINED IN COLOURS AND REFLECT THE STATE OF OUR HEALTH AT ALL TIMES. THIS IS A MIRACLE SHARING OF INFORMATION .. FOR IT ENDS THE DEBATE AS TO WHERE GOD'S ENERGY EXISTS. TO MY MIND THE HIGGS-BOSON PARTICLE ... WHICH IS SO ULTRA ULTRA POWERFUL AND SO DYNAMIC THAT IT CAN CHANGE ITS FORM INTO A PARTICLE OR A WAVE IN ORDER TO COMMUNICATE WITH ANOTHER IS LIFE ... ENERGY OF GOD. EVERYTHING WORKS WITH A COMMAND. THE HIGGS-BOSON PARTICLE OBEYS THE COMMAND AND MOVES AT A SPEED THAT IS MIND BOGGLING TO SAY THE LEAST. I COMMUNICATE THROUGH MY MIND WITH THE WORLD. THE THOUGHTS I WANT ELIMINATED FROM OUT OF REALITY (NOWADAYS I HAVE BECOME DECIDEDLY MEAN COMPARED TO HOW GENEROUS I WAS BEFORE ... I LIMIT MY GIFTS TO ONLY MY OWN LIFE AND SAY ... DO YOUR OWN DUE DILLIGENCE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE AND JUST LEAVE THE WORLD OUT.) THIS WHEN I SAW THAT THE PEOPLE I HAD CRIED OVER SHOWING SIGNS OF HAVING IMPROVED BUT I HAD NOT BEEN PAID FOR THE WORK. I WAS ABOUT TO SHARE HOW ENERGY AND THE QUANTUM FIELD WORKED FOR ME ... MY BODY IS OF COURSE MY WORLD AND I CHANGE THE OUTER WORLD THROUGH CHANGING MY INNER WORLD ... BUT I AIN'T TELLING ANYMORE. THIS IS REALITY. POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE IS A STATE OF EXISTENCE AND ALL OF REALITY MUST BEND TO THIS ONE FACT ALONE. IT IS ALL THERE IS TO LIFE. REALLY .. YES REALLY !!!! FOR ALL MY EXPERIENCES WITH TRUTH IN THE LAST 6 YEARS SHOWED ME THIS IN SO MANY DIFFERENT LAYERS AND SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS THAT I WAS CHANGING MY PHYSICAL REALITIES IN MANY MANY DIFFERENT WAYS. IT IS MANIFESTING THE THOUGHT HELD IN THE MIND AS AN IDEA. DID I SEE POSSIBILITIES ? HOW COULD I NOT WHEN I FOUND MYSELF RECEIVING BIG GIFTS SO EASILY. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF SUCH WERE TO BE YOUR REALITY ? BOAST ABOUT IT SURELY. AFTER ALL I AM THE LUCKY ONE OR THE CHOSEN ONE ? NONE OF IT .. FOR WE ALL ARE IN SOME WAY OR THE OTHER. BUT THERE IS A PATH TO UNDERSTANDING IT BETTER TO IMPLEMENT THE SAME FOR YOUR LIFE. YOU ARE THE LIVING GOD AND YOU MUST MAKE THAT CHOICE ... TO CHOOSE TO BE POWERFUL . WHAT IS POWER AFTER ALL .. TO BE ABLE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS ... JUST THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO. That truth could sound so close to fiction I must elaborate with this story from out of my experiences with MasterMind and it is connected to one of the lowliest of God's creatures ... the mosquito. There is a duality evident here ... the one of the protagonist .. the hero .. the other the antagonist .. both held within the one ... the sngularity of the creator. Growing up in Kolkata I had often suffered from malaria ... some of which were some serious bouts of high temperatures. Yes that was me and the story told to us as kids was that the mosquito is the cause of malaria so we dutifully fell sick with the illness and that was that. When I shifted to Bangalore I saw mosquitoes too and the story shared here is that they are garden mosquitoes and they do not carry an illness with them. So though the mosquito still bit me in Bangalore .. I did not get sick. And it made me think .. the mosquito was still the same but the story shared about it was definitely diametrically opposite in nature ... and I lost my fear of the mosquito. That I would now look on it as a lowly creature of god's world ... created to exist ... but we endow it with so many different reasons that it boggled my mind that I too went through that phase until I understood what true compassion is all about and allowed the mosquito to just be. So much so ( I have catalogued this story) that the mosquito kept me company while I wrote my books and articles .. often swiping me when I would turn negative through my thoughts teaching me the humbling thought that everything is not how we see things ... that it could be different if we allowed it to be so. That god works in the strangest ways I was witness too and it has changed me forever to be able to share such stories with people and not worry about how they will be received. I can truly say it matters not in the least .. for my desire was always to speak my truths. I remember when I would share this story with ladies at the park where I would walk some years back ... they would look at me in a funny way and slowly disperse. And I would think to myself ... I am not the oddball for I am merely stating what happened. I truly experienced what all I have written but realised that many who are not connected in any way to the common energy of the world are definitely missing out big time. That they lost out big time for no rhyme or reason but that they lacked an imagination vivid enough to create realities from simple creations in our world. That I can explain away as not receiving love from other creatures for not holding love for the energy inherent in all creation as one .. the singularity.

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