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 Books are a form of communication for they remain long after information is lost. Books on diets are one such genre. Most people choose to follow what they percieve are successful people. That this success is propped up by money from their deep pockets is often a truth one does not even begin to ponder on. for WE believe ( erroneously I know ) that success is a form of social recognition and when WE do not know better how to judge right from wrong .. WE follow the herd. After all there is safety in numbers. I know I am stretching the story to be an all inclusive one but the story of food is just one simple one. Everything ... yes every little grain of food you eat .. even bitter gourd ... which may be bitter on the taste buds is first broken down into simple sugars. This is the only way the body digests food ... it is not different for you or different for me. So when sugars are end product of digestion ... why do doctors make a lot of fuss and punish you with diabetes. Can that doctor promise you an alternative form of digestion. NO THEY CANNOT .. FOR THESE ARE TRUTHS THAT WILL KEEP COMING TO CHALLENGE YOUR MIND ... HOW STUPID DO YOU WANT TO BE ? THAT IS HARSH I KNOW .. BUT I HAVE TRIED TO EXPLAIN IN AS MUCH POSITIVITY AS I COULD MUSTER UP. YOU MAY BELIEVE WHATEVER YOU WISH ... AND HERE IS WHERE THE TRUTH WILL GET HARSHER STILL ... LIFE WILL BRING YOU YOUR BELIEFS ALL WRAPPED UP WITH A NEEDLE SYRINGE. THAT IS WHAT YOU EXPECTED WHEN YOU WERE PASSIVE IN YOUR RESPONSE. FOR 8 LONG YEARS I JUST DID WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD ME .. CUT OUT EVERY BIT OF FOOD ... SWEETS / RICE / FRIES ... YOU NAME ALL THE GOOD FOOD AND I HAD ELIMINATED IT FROM MY DIET. I PAID THE PRICE FOR WISDOM WHEN I BEGAN TO REBEL. I WAS NO LONGER THE PASSIVE PATIENT WILLING TO ACCEPT A DEATH SENTENCE OF ALL THE JOYS I WAS CAPABLE OF ENJOYING WHILE IN THIS WORLD. I ASKED MYSELF ... YOU HAVE ONLY THIS ONE LIFE TO ENJOY AND THIS IS YOUR LIFE THEN YOU MIGHT AS WELL END IT ? I CHALLENGED MY MIND ... TAKE MY LIFE I TOLD IT ... BUT YOU WON'T GET ME TO DO IT FOR YOU. I AM GOING TO FIGHT YOU EVERY INCH OF THE WAY. AND AS I FOUGHT TRUTHS OF OURSELVES BEGAN TO SHOW UP IN MY LIFE THAT JUST WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO FEEL SMALL ANY MORE. OR CLING TO THE FEAR OF DEATH. I GAVE IT A HARD SLAP IN THE FACE. I HAD WOKEN UP THE SLEEPING GIANT WITHIN ME AND I DARED AND I DARED AND I DARED SOME MORE. FUNNY THAT CHALLENGE THROWN TO GOD .... BROUGHT ITS ENERGY DOWN TO ME. I ROSE TALL TILL MY ENERGY BEGAN TO KEEP GROWING. I SAW LOVE FLOWING TOWARDS ME IN SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS .. WHICH LAID TO REST ALL THE BOGEYS I HAD BEEN TRAPPED WITH. IT IS CALLED AWAKENING THE WARRIOR WITHIN ... ARE YOU EVEN AWARE TO THIS SIDE OF YOU ? I NOW COMMAND IT ... IS THAT EGOISTIC OR BOASTFUL. LOOKED AT IT THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE FOR MY OWN LIFE .. DID I EVEN OWN AN ALTERNATIVE ? WHEN THE ANSWER IS A NO .. THEN THIS IS WHAT I AM EXPECTED TO BE. I MERELY TEACH BY SHARING WHAT I HAVE TAUGHT MYSELF. SO HERE IS THE CLINCHER .... WHEN ONE FORM OF THINKING BROUGHT YOU A CERTAIN TYPE OF RESULT ... SURELY TOSSING THAT IDEA AND PINNING IT ONTO ITS BACK ... FLIPPING IT .. WILL BRING YOU ITS OPPOSITE ... JUST LIKE THE 2 SIDES OF A COIN. CAN LIFE BE LIVED IN SUCH SIMPLICITY OF THOUGHT. YES ... A MILLIONS OR TRILLION TIME ... YES. FOR WE ARE THOUGHT CREATURES THAT DO NOT EVEN OWN A PHYSICAL REALITY ? THAT WE ARE A VIBRATION OF ENERGY AND THE SPEED OF THAT ENERGY DEFINES ANY PHYSICAL REALITY. THIS IS HOW IN AN INSTANT GOD SHOWED ME THROUGH MY VIBRATIONS .. I CHANGING ME IN AN INSTANT ? WISDOM SET ME FREE ... I AM GLAD FOR MYSELF ... EVEN IF NOBODY BELIEVES ME ANYMORE .. I KNOW I AM AN AUTHORITY THE WORLD WILL AWAKEN TO SOONER RATHER THAN LATER ..THERE ARE MANY TRUTHS ALREADY KNOWN TO MANY ... BUT LINKING THEM INTO A COHESIVE TRUTH THAT WORKS WAS WHAT MY LIFE'S WORK IS ALL ABOUT.. AND I AM A LADY WHO DID NOT GO TO COLLEGE ... NOT A LOT OF FORMAL EDUCATION .. BUT WISDOM CHOSE TO SPREAD ITSELF THROUGH ME ... FOR ALL MY WORK IS SPREAD OUT ACROSS MANY WEBSITES THAT I OWN. I WAS THE QUINTESSENTIAL SPIDER FOR I BUILT A WEB ACROSS THE WWWEB and my strings are as strong as tensile steel. They kept stretching as I saw people come to me to read what I write. How do they find me ... I always know all the answers. Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly ... its the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy. I wrote a long poem on this some years back and it is somewhere on one of my sites. To lazy to fish it out for lazy people. Can't really fault them for these are the many systems of our world ... but does one ever read one book in their lifetime. If you are a reader .. your answer will be of course not. Often times what is shared the first time around must go for a sixer and the author will be forced to rewrite what they wrote when realisation dawns and it always does. Either they make their peace and keep quiet or be forced to write another book. I have only one simple question ... if the advice was perfect the first time ... what need for another book on the same topic. Is that not confusing for the reading mind ? What has been achieved by such an endeavour ?? More confusion .. and most people give up. A writer writes to feed the belly ... a necessary act of survival. Its a job like any other and I have seen written at the start of many books and articles .... these are the personal views of the writer and ...... . So they wash their hands off any responsibility. Are they being cowardly .... of course not .. for the truth be told ... there are as many ideas as their are minds and you are making the choice to go with the one you choose. And it is but a foregone conclusion that you choice always determines your results ... unless you own the calibre of a thinking mind and say to yourself ... I don't believe everything that is written here .. it gives a mixed bag of results. Now to my mind anything that is a mixed bag of results is the reality of the world ... so have you learnt anything new through that particular book ?? No ... its a neat trick to get you to buy that book ... for it will share .. eat this / don't eat that. It is laying down the rules for your mind to follow. Is following rules the way forward for any life ? Ask any child and it will show you a rebellion ... why do people put themselves in square boxes right from childhood ? Then why is it being done by every single person you know. The answer is so simple but so hurtful when not understood in its fullness. All humans come preloaded with a system coming down to them from their parents, etc etc, Then you must accept that you are a clone and your mind and heart and all other organs will simply follow the same results as those of your peers. You have been given a brain to think and a heart that feels safe in any crisis ? But just look around at the world ... the heart is an organ that seems to be most affected ... how and why is it so ? Have you ever bothered to analyse your own existence and what you are. I could say you sold your heritage for a song and I won't be wrong. Roda ... MasterMind

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