Monday, August 22, 2016



At anytime of the day, 
If I sit down its like I pray (write)
Inspiration did flow from my hand ..
In my own special way .. 
To all the people I wrote ..
Come buy my book full of words !!

Come feed off my plate
How will you stop yourself
When its written with love
Just ..  for you.
You always are so dear ..
Come to read me .. 
MasterMind .. its the only message
That you hear and it resonates with you.

You may be tall .. fat or thin
You may be old .. grey or a shrink
You may be happy .. sad or maudlin
You may be a beauteous model ... or .. or .. or
White or black ... and all shades in between
It matters not .. though some may tell you so
If only ... you truly love yourself.

We are all judgemental sometimes ..
But learn from those mistakes too
And try not to repeat them again.
Don't be too hard on yourself ..
Just be as close to perfection as you may.

For in that case .. 
You have rediscovered god's love
The love given to you to cherish yourself
To create a castle for the god within
And just seek yourself out.

My desires were big ..
They consumed all of me,
My desire was to be the ...
Feeding bowl for the world.

Men .. come home .. 
Learn to feed your families,
Show them you're god too
Show them .. you really care
Your young ones are hungry
Your nests will not be bare
When you ask god to show you the way .. 
All it will take is ... 99 bucks from you.

Beg .. borrow or steal it ..
It matters not a whit
Tell a white lie or two
Sometimes .. the end justifies the means ..
Its God doing his best ... to just start.

Feed your worlds .. 
Through the 99 bucks for my book ...
Its your seed money to harvest your life
You listened when I called out to you.
Feed your worlds .. la la la 
La la .. la la . la la la.

You have picked up my wonderful feelings
Such  feelings ..  you never did feel
You have found this wonderful feeling
That I've put  in MasterMind for you !

All around the cathedrals.. 
The cathedrals of our minds ..
Stand the saints and apostles
Looking down as we share our wares
Although you may not see them
You know they'll be smiling ..
Each time some shows that they care.

Feed the world ... 99 $ a book
99$ ... 99$ ... 99$ a book
And if there is a discount
Over at
Then you'll surely pay less.

God .. though your words are simple and few
We listened .. listened .. as you called out to us
Help the world .. be..came my simple song
99 bucks a book ... 99 as you had taught.

I followed your directions to help your world,
Ended up ... by making it my own.
Grew stronger and braver ..
Smarter than a shaver,
A clean route to victory I saw.

Raised my own vibrations 
Higher and higher,
Understanding my power to create for you
Good solid vibrations 
That would hold you for the rest of time.

Make your learning your own
Think your way through life
That dictum sure did not stop me
Though it did make me give up some time
To have had to figure it out  .. all by myself .
Its when you learn life's bitter truths
Its only you for yourself .. there is no other ..but god.

So I pulled up my socks
And fought .. my imaginary battles
And some real ones too
I was the protagonist 
And the antagonist
And I knew all my parts so well.

I refused to waste time ..
I had to go within 
And summoned up my most powerful thoughts
Kept my battles within  .. 
Ha ha ha .. I was much too strong.
So wasting time became a clear
Have .. fun .. became my new motto.

I know .. thoughts good .. can be things
So I learnt how to catch them,
To win .. just boomerang them back to source
From whence they came
Be the giver and the receiver too.

Oh mind .. made you a fortress,
Deny others .. even visiting rights
Cut the duality out of mind.
Then see the one .. the one that I am
The one that you will surely be too.

And then nothing did matter
Whatever .. I thought was fine
For when the lessons were learnt
I had become the person destined to be
M a s t e r M i n d.
Now I am .. __   / I am .. ___
Fill in the blanks and I can be that
Were I to choose.

My belief is that I was just fine
I had always been so sure of love
Did god not select me
To run this race
Choosing me as his MasterMind.

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