Tuesday, April 9, 2013



This red whiskered BulBul has the sweetest song I know ... and lately God calls out to me ever so softly through this bird. Doesn't he look glorious .... he has black back and a pure white underbelly  and slashes of red and orange. He is supposed to have a fearless disposition. He's tiny but pure beauty.
This poem is a tribute to our duality .... to be perfect one must be a happy mix of white and black ... Spirit took a lot of trouble to show me this aspect of us .. especially when I thought that the way to being God was being completely white. Now I am happy to be the me he taught me to be.

All goodness sleeps .. cradled in the inky blue,
He as the Prince of Light,
Rocked to and fro .. with a lullaby or two.

All is goodness .. it never sleeps
He as the Dark Knight ...
Sifting and sorting and bringing to you ..
All that your thoughts meant to you.

I may be God ... but spirit is best ...
An earthly God am I
Its a relief to know ...
I need never worry ... with spirit as source.

I got more money  ...
Then I may ever need ....
Gratefully acknowledge you O God,
Blythe spirit of all ways.

The first rays of the morning sun,
Work like a conveyor belt - floating down,
They carry unto me .... everything...
My gatherings of the night ...
Through Mrs.Parrot and Mrs.Crow ..
Do you know they are the best of friends ?

My thoughts they did come a flowing back
I had finally understood Mr. Crow too ....
He was the Dark Knight in shining armour ...
Together they bring to me .. 
All God's gifts of plenty.

I crowned him again ... my dark knight
for I truly love ...all that He does for me.
He's awake when I sleep ... He does sit
On my left shoulder He does.

That is where He showed me he sleeps
Tucked into my shoulder blade
I felt Him enter me right through my skin.
If ever you wish to understand God ....
Accept His inky blue.

Its a silence serene ... you can hear a pin drop
Shhhhhh ..  a lullaby of silent music ....
Played for your angels .. 
While they work through the night
They work for us all .. you and me.

The dark of the night ... 
I now accept as a friend
Though as a child I did dread it
Dark works in the absence of light
As light must rest too.

A daily renewal ... as it were ..
For Light and Dark .. 
You may or may not believe
They are the 2 hands of God ... 
And you are in between.

I love the dark as fiercely too
As He does love me
I see Him constantly flowing my way.
A few days ago .. God opened my mind ..
To plant this idea in my head.

My mind did mull on it ... possibly at night
For I was not aware.
Last night .. as I went to sleep
A surreal moment ... it came to me.

Mrs. Parrot and me .. we made our peace
She had walked my walk with me
she had held my hand .....
My journey to success was complete.

I pictured her hopping on to my right shoulder
As I went to sleep.
How deeply I slept ... its our time
For our mind and heart to meet.

At 12 that night  ... my phone did ring
Someone called to say hello
I knew not him ... but God was he
He had no message for me
Or so I thought ... as I went back to bed.

The picture I did then receive ...
My angel parrot was no more ..
I gently picked him up and placed him on a tree
And then ... I felt the movement ... Him flowing into me.

A pinprick I did feel ... at the tip of my right shoulder
It was simply to show me .. 
Where God  .. sleeps in me
Every night.

Just today at dawn .. the rays of the sun,
Shone out the dark and left for me
Its gift of mass ... 
It just flowed on and on.

After it gave to me  .. I saw it hold out
Its promise ... more plenty for you and me.
O Dark Knight ... you are the sun
Your light .. that works in sleep too.
Not asking much from a stranger.

But I did delve deep ... I did find
That Light loves its Dark Knight too ...
As so it should ...
Black and white are ...
Both my favourite colours.

I do love what they do for me
I claim them as my own ..
My heart is overcome with love
For they co-habit ...to complete me.


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