Thursday, April 11, 2013


Have you seen a leopard lately ...
Are his spots white on black ?
So I looked it up.
They are black on white.

Can a leopard change his spots
Of course he may 
Its his choice ...
White is the base on which black does rest,
He is safe .. so long ... he's there.

He woke me up at 10 past 2 
Jumped into the canvas of my mind
strolled on right by .. and said
Here's a poem ... on me too.

But I was too tired .. too lazy
It was hot ...
To get up and write ....
Somnolent and comfortable was I.

So at peace .. am I .. I slept till 9
So trusting in God's love
To bring this idea back to me
Sliding it into my day.

File:Namibie Etosha Leopard 01edit.jpg

But I did remember his opening lines
The lines he shared as he strolled by
Man is God and God is Man,
Black on white are we.

And out jumped a leopard 
In all his feline grace,
His power of Him I could see
As he simply padded on by
Much like a model .... of Versace.

A vision of beauty uncompared
My parrot he was floored ..
By what I wrote ..
My expressions of love . as I thought,
God lives in me ... for I too am love
Just choked him up.

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