Monday, September 14, 2015


The power of true wisdom is to say it in verse.  The beauty of the written word in a kindness that belies what it truly conveys. Joys are easier to share .. but sorrows .. whoever holds your hand and wishes to help you through a sorrow .. must have an incentive to keep doing so. Yes the world is the way it is ... but we must struggle to make our own lives a little better through helping others .. so that we leave it better than we found it. Wrote a poem just now on it.


Where is the wisdom in a negative                             
Turned it this way and that
Rolled it over on its back
Searched for it .. high and low ..
I just knew,
There ought to be something.
Hiding there !

So held it up close .. alas
Saw punishments .. and their wisdom ?
Was beware !!!
Be aware I am a fear.
That is all I can ever be.
Ughhh .. pushed it away and fast
Nothing did I want to see in there.

Said a quick prayer
To whom ? I did ask 
Should I say this prayer ?
And the answer I got 
Left me so sad 
For all the wasted years 
Of my life
When I prayed to another SPIRIT !!

The answer I got was
God is within you
When you pray you create
a God of  your own mind
Not a God in the mind
But the truth is
a God of your own mind.

Go grapple with that truth
You were giving away your own power
Which you could have kept for 
Is this the truth .. yes it is
And it is called consciousness
An awareness of the self as the divine.

I had seen myself as something
But nothing until I changed myself
Becoming an opposite to everything 
I had known before. 
Cheated is how we feel
But I chased my fame
No matter the words 
Thrown in my face !

Ego .. my identity to coping
With all of life's vicissitudes,
The biggest destroyer
of a human's pride ..
Stood by me through thick and thin.
Motion was the magic
To keep on through it all.

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