Thursday, December 3, 2015



 law of attraction Mastermind by Roda Langrana, 

secret of Law of Attraction MasterMind by Roda Langrana.

Words of syrupy sweetness I see people sharing everywhere ... but it does not represent their real spirit as the true devils of this world .... for people are like sponges ... sucking you dry of your goodness when they have none of their own to give. I mean the words of so called wisdom that they share .. all belong to others of the past ... so they borrow them for an instant from the true god ... the creator ... but there is always a price to pay .. for their is no free anything in this world ... either you pay for wisdom with money ... a commitment to the creator .. or if you neglect to do so ... and think you can get away ... through punishments. That is how strict I found God .. the true creator of the world ... energy runs a tight ship .... it appears to be meandering along .. but come in its way and you will find yourself meandered out of life. I was shown so much when I linked only to Divine Spirit ... it showed me look at the world I created ... and see what it has made of itself ... do you like it ... and I thought to myself .. indeed I did not. What an uphill task ... when the world is like a huge sponge sucking on God's goodness ... but not giving back. What a sad state when the world is not in a conscious state ... I witnessed this through many many people .... rich or poor has nothing to do with it ... but a poor spirit of giving to others .. does have a lot to do with it.So I changed tack and I eventually beat the devil ... in a clear win .. in a fair fight ... but I paid a price too .. but that was my journey .. something you are not called upon to do .. for the creator is always ONE. This is why very few people actually own a capacity to work with God the Creator mindset ... a capacity to be kind to all creatures in an atmosphere of live and let live .... all the lowly creatures of this world ... who have always been treated so badly in the past .. that their spirit of love is non-existence at best. You get what you give out. Be aware of the Master's Mind. It holds the power to control all energy ... for all energy I saw bow to me. If I said go .. it went. At first I used long winded sentences to create the changes I wanted to see .. but I soon stopped caring for any other energy ... and limited my focus only on myself .. for I found none deserving of my goodness.

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