Saturday, November 15, 2014


Watch this short video on climate change

Roda Langrana No doubt this video is one of the more positive ones I have seen on climate change and I am glad but I seem to have found myself in an absolute minority in terms of a number .. meaning 1 just the me and I think to myself .. will my voice be heard .. will it be respected as one carrying the best and the highest good for our world ? I have a small message for all you guys trying. Begin by saying ... I accept that I can through me be the change I want to see. I accept that I hold the capacity to believe .. even when things appear to the contrary .. that in fact the climate is stable and there is a higher mind that has been in charge ever since the world began. If for a while chaos reigns and you cannot make head or tail of it ... leave it in better hands capable of only seeing good. When good as a result is the common focus .. everything changes for our world .. for it is our common good. And we shall receive. 

Positive vibrations must allow for speaking as if receiving .. which means we must say ... our climate is not changing .. it is the best it has ever been .. and we are grateful.

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