Friday, January 8, 2016


law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana


Oh life .... I have seen you
In all your many moods ...
I now love all of you ....
When I am in the mood.
The old, 
The young, 
The good and the not so good,
The Bad  ... was a big question mark ?
I have let go of judgement here.

I am working on it .... ME
A hidden beauty only 
Unwrapped and seen through
Time is to short to be a Cruella
So worked through spirit.
Spirit pushed me and pushed me
And I just kept rotating and rotating 
Spinning on my axis ...
Changing thoughts of minds.

Created anew .. with spirit in tow
Mischievious sprites ..
Always playing the monkey ...
A new bank of fresh thoughts
Till they too were as tired as I was ..
Ready for a new beginning.

A different life through MasterMind.
Me at one end of the spectrum and 
They at the other.
Needed a break .. have so much matter
For lots of books ...
Now God takes over
Through his MasterMind.

What I loved about my work with MasterMind .... that it never was a constant factor ... there were so many ups and downs .. like a roller coaster ride.  And I saw perfection for my life  through all the muddlesome moments. Even though the flow of good and bad kept occurring .. there was me feeling pretty grounded ... I even physically felt the motion of the flow on either side of me ... and me sitting pretty like the proverbial rock of gibraltar ... none of it affecting me adversely ... what a tremendous feeling ... a high like no other to be the victor not the vanquished ... to be a rock to gusty winds ... till I understood the word "nothing " in its immensity.  Everything flowed on by me
but nothing touched me .... I felt like God must feel ... and yet the flow was understood by me as a important part ... just no highs and lows ... just the stillness inside me ... just everything giving off its best to me.  

In the past I always was a giver .. never even asking for anything for my self from others .. just self sufficient.  I just taught myself to be better at it .... manifestating your own desires makes you self sufficient ... its then you truly understand God's world as a many splendoured thing.

It matters not your gender
For we are both the same
A man may be strong
A woman is always too.
A man may be weak
A woman may be too.
Try to divide through a difference
And come up against a brick wall.
Mars and Venus and all that crap
That has come out of minds unschooled
In the laws of your own mind ..
It tripped you up ..
See the mess in the world
As you and you and you
Do you like the face you see in your mirror. ?
Of course you don't .. your mind stops you
You have bent it out of shape
And now it rebels ..
It gives you no peace ..
It shows you wrinkles as crows' feet
I'm bored ... just writing this
You are not up to the mark ....
You don't have intelligent conversations.
I need a challenge ... 
For nifty teaching !!!!

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