Monday, January 4, 2016




Wisdom teaches us that to discover the path to lasting success and happiness is to allow our mind to do its work for our lives .... a process that needs must be activated through love and a dedication to the mind.  MasterMind is soul talk ... a feeding of good thoughts to the mind ... just a focus that the mind is as important.  We do pamper our bodies with lotions and creams and the necessary food so that our bodies look the best ... so simply do the same for your mind.

Millions are suffering needlessly through their SO CALLED sins (bad thoughts) .... for thinking bad and limiting thoughts is a sin to the power contained in every mind. The mere fact that you have problems in your life .. be it imperfect health, mediocre relationships, are unhappy and are not rich is the proof you are not all you are capable of being. You may tell me .. stubbornly .. that you are ok with that .. then I shall tell you .. that you are liar .. for if by chance ... I were to give you the winning ticket to a lottery you'd happily take it .. and rightly so. Life does not always give you all you need and want ... so when you are offered a way of life you never expected for yourself .. be grateful that god above loves you enough to fight your cause. I own the capacity through the words of MasterMind to flip energy in the nicest way possible and create goodness out of it.

Wisdom or knowledge shows us that the path to lasting happiness automatically attracts wealth and power. Once you marry wisdom with wealth and power ... you get a satisfaction that comes from enjoying the life you live. Every person in the world is powerful ... we all must play our individual roles and recognize the importance of equality of opportunity.You must understand that your power is equal to everyone else's and thus put yourself on the path to success.

The good of the world are naturally drawn to God and so mesmerized by MasdterMind.  There is nothing more I need todo for where there is goodness of intent the world bows to a good leader. As Roda I have that capacity to lead others through MasterMind as the rightful creator of MasterMind.  The gifts of MasterMind include goodness of thoughts, words anddeeds as encapsulated in perfect health, wealth and happiness through empowering relationships.

I knock out cold ... all stupid amd limiting THOUGHTS FROM YOUR REALITY.

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