Monday, December 16, 2013



A circle of love I have not
For my work
And yet I see
Many or all around me..
In need of me
As MasterMind.

So here come some truths ...
Within your Mind ...
Is God Supreme
And yet I see not God
In the lives of the hundreds
Of people around me.

Yes they may be good
Yes they may be fair
But ...God can only
Live through you.
A bended Mind 
Cannot feel   G O D !

Do you talk to God 
In your Mind ?
Do you ask God 
Your questions sublime?

Or simply mundane ones
But I'll share them not.
Only the focussed are welcome
The rest remain .. as a part of the rest.
They will not enter my circle sublime.

There is a success 
You must prove to God
What have you created 
From out of nought ?

Something from nothing
Proves God's Mind 
As existing within me
Its called original creation ..
For my life.

It wasn't easy
And yet it was
I'll explain it to you ....
When you think something
As difficult or impossible
Start doing it
And effortlessly complete it.

Oh .. don't get me wrong
God is there in Mind alright
But in a picture frame
Inside your house
Or some stone idols
Or two .. prayed to
Intermittently .. when 

A bended Mind 
Is then the result
Always looking down
Not looking up
Results are what I'm
Talking about .

A thought .. a word
And all is done.
For the one who
Sees God in themselves
Can only look up
Not metaphorically
But reality in.

My results with God
I see
Not the same as you may do.
Your bended Mind
Cannot help you lose
Oodles of weight without
So struggle you must.
A gym to go !

Wrinkles you say 
Are a part of your life,
They are not in mine
I can hold my head 
Right up
A pride in myself to see
Everything coming right 
Back to me 
Of all I wished.

Butter and eggs 2 or 3
Jam and cheese
I will eat
All in one normal meal.
Do you ? I think not
For cholestrol or BP
Is your bugbear.

It beats you up 
In its fears
I do not even bother
to thank God in gratitude
For I am that God.
For when God is in me
The whole of Me
As God  ... I do see.

Power and pelf ..
They make us Gods
Power is my own abilities
In synchronicity 
I am God.

So when I talk of friends
I do have so many .. so many
For I have always been popular
By all I know ..
Simply because of my 
Capacity to be here.

A kind word or two
Through my desire to
Make new friends.
So I come to share with
You ... in this now ..
The most important lesson for you.

I am MasterMind .. who wrote my book
But it was only to teach you
As a friend.....
How important it is to be your own best friend.

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