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Are you a good person ? I guess most people are ? I know myself to be one too. But the world is not  made up of good people only.  Let me break it down for you ....

* There are good people who are focussed and also have access to knowledge that is life changing.

* There are the not so good people ... who "think" they are knowledgeable ... their knowledge may
    end up setting your life on fire.  They are so close to home that it is frightening when you                  understand the implications of it .. for it is something you are least prepared to face.

*   Then there are good people ... who "think" they are knowledgeable.  Their knowledge too may       end up giving your life such a twist .. it sometimes is difficult .. to simply recover .. i.e. if you 
      are lucky .. many times its a spin that most people do not recover from. End of story.

*   That I speak your truth for you is easy for you to comprehend .. when I break it down for you 
      juxtaposed to the reality in or world at any given point in time.
      ... your world is populated by the good .. not so good types ..... etc
      ... you are exposed to the thoughts of many many minds in your life
      ... you are likely to pick up wrongly held notions of other minds and make them your own
      ... you are then perpetuating mistakes and thus they never go away
      ... you are not even aware that you are doing so
      ... how then are you going to get different results or the one you want ... when someone
          else may try to confuse you with opposing thoughts. Will you be able to stand your own
          ground. What will your mind cling to under a barrage or verbal onslaught ?
      ... Only truths of god held in MasterMind will set you free to believe in goodness as a                           possibility for your life too!

There is so much that is wrong "MIND" aka "wrong thoughts" in our world that it frighteningly visible to me why the world is in the state it is.  Are we being controlled by spirit ... in a way ... when you are following a spiritual path in your life .. you will always be warned .. you will be shown how you are actually controlled by the knowledge placed in the past which has the propensity to misguide you when you do not look at it with the eyes of god.

If there is one lesson I wish to share with you that is of earth shattering importance ... something very simple really ... which when you understand it in its sincerity and complete goodness .. is this ... and many in the Law of Attraction field have explained it too .. so its not new knowledge .. I too have written about it endlessly ... in fact all the religions of the world are based right around this philosophy .. and yet man consciousness is not familiar with his divine consciousness .. separates religion as a philosophy .. but fails to see it as truths of himself as god. This requires an effort from mind ... but its just as easy to begin now rather than later. You can quickly pick up the threads of this style of thought and convert your whole life to godly. Results that will baffle you at first in its sheer capacity to give of itself through love, tolerance, commitments .. in so many ways that you cannot but be grateful for the life you will lead .. for it will have changed as chalk to cheese .. and you know the bestest part .. you will appreciate why god has a hands on/off policy where we are concerned. On when we need to hold his hand to feel our way and off when we learn to handle things on our own. 

My particular angst on this issue was triggered by an article that spirit did take me to. Spirit showed me a long article written purportedly by christian scholars where Jesus was the one under the scanner ... and what saddened me was ...  they were not kind. They were not kind to Jesus when he called himself god ... what ignoramuses would dare to do that.  If Jesus was not god .. how did he perform his miracles .... I dare anyone not calling himself a god perform a miracle in front of me. I dare .. I dare and I dare .. without any fear to call a spade a spade. And when I have called myself a god .. I have a miracle from god to prove it to the world. Its the deciding factor for the Higgs-Boson particle. The answer is in my article on the auras.  Since I am comfortable in myself I refuse to tom tom it to the world. The world in any case will have to do it for me. I need never go to the mountain again .. the mountain came to me.  In plain english ... I did not need to meditate and go to a mountain top to talk to god .. I do it in the comfort of my own home at any and all hours of the day. Its me doing all the talking to spirit and receiving answers.  Be careful to not judge anything as not a part of god for then you surely will reap what you sow .... for your journey to your destination will be lengthened like mine was ... arguing and arguing .. till I came up trumps and took control and power into my own hands. And what a grand old time I had doing it .. it was angst too when I focussed on time slipping by .. but the joys were so many that I could not tear myself away though I tried to do so on several occasions. 

Now when you think we have a free choice to state our own case ... but not if we sink to levels that we do no analysing through our own minds and blankly and blindly follow an earlier opinion expressed by others. I have made it mandatory for myself to question Mazda in my own mind .. anything and everything I want an answer to .. for that was the message shared to me by god when I began my journey into spirituality. I have a tremendously sharp brain and I learn very quickly ... that is my ego coming into play for my own life. When I am in touch with god there are no doubts.

I want to learn what's right and I accept that my understanding of ego .. is bang on target. And I am the sole voice going against popularly held beliefs on the ego. Funnily do most of you know that the meaning of the word god is ego. I just found out recently but I have been aware of my ego as I am sure many of you will be free to do so when I have shared this with you. Ego is the part of you that sees your mind as a separate entity .. capable of thinking for itself .. though it is a part and parcel of universal consciousness .. but seeks help from god to function superbly .. rise above the rest .. something that allows you to stand out. Isn't that the way it functions anyway so classify it correctly to avoid confusion.

God has repeated an endless number of times beginning with Zarathushtra when he spoke to mankind for the first time on the mountain top in front of a burning bush .. which is why we as zoroastrians worship through fire and offer our prayers to fire .. when Mazda did share that his name meant ..
I AM. This was more than 4000 years ago .. much before Christianity was even conceived .. so it begs a question ... how many stories belonging to others have been misappropriated ... which is true .. but what is more true is that the knowledge of god is common knowledge .. told and retold in many stories but loses nothing in the retelling. We are forever connecting to ourselves .. we are the gods when we understand all of what I write ... we must keep this connection to ourselves alive and well and giving off its best for both me and you. That's why I share it with you.

In truth I speak of Jesus ... it was a lesson true indeed. I have grown up in a convent school mileiu imbibing so much of the goodness of us all as different but one .. for it never did create a divide in my mind to learn about christianity or sing hymns .. which are till today my most favourite songs. In fact at christmas I sing them still with little children.

One aspect of christianity put me off completely and that was its penchant for glorifying suffering. The lesson is frightening in its complications for our world.  The funny part is .. it drew me a bit closer to Jesus when I read a long essay on Jesus written by some christian "scholars".  

They quoted many including President Jefferson who was guilty of calling Jesus only a good teacher and removing his claim of being god. Now the irony of this was not lost on me for how foolish a person even though a president .. to try to keep Jesus down to any ordinary man for as god is everything ....  who is god if not all of us .  Jesus did refer to himself as god and showed through his life's miracles .. all that we may and can do when we followed his truths of life. The most humbling lesson through this exchange is .. President Jefferson never understood in his own lifetime .. his true legacy .. of who he was .. that he too was a god. This is the true defining gift that anyone with an ounce of love will share with you.  Something important about you. To anybody who tries to do the opposite .. i.e. convince you that you are not god and you succumb .. all I can say is .. that there is a price to pay for such negligence .. for god's world will be forever lost to you. Heaven does exist .. my friend .. in the afterlife may be just the tip of the iceberg .. what about your life on earth as an earthly god ? .. with all the powers of god ready for your use .. to create a heavenly life here too ?????

Of course Jesus was god .. it was in plain sight to me .... just as I would call Zoroaster god too. All enlightened souls are but reflections and carry god within their souls. We all carry the same dna formula .. explain to me why are you not thinking like a god as yet. Who told you .. you were different.  Who gave you a poverty consciousness .. who asked you to feel small in your life .. who .. who .. who did this to you ? The answer is not worth delving into .. for it is bound to bring up painful sores better left where they were discarded .. left to be forgotten .. its better to make a swift cut with the past and begin afresh as you would like to go on. Somebody is always to blame .. but playing the blame card makes you have to go through  unnecessary time wasting and futile exercises.

Have we not been told that we are one universal soul. So why fight the goodness inherent in you .. for your own good. Why not be a ray of god too. If you don't feel "right there" as yet .. let me share that with all things god .. it is an effortless transition and the going just keeps getting better.  Most people believe that being good is a struggle .. but it has always been effortless for me ... why is that so ... I accept it as my birthright ... and I do not need to be aligned to it ... in fact quite the reverse ... as a god conscious creature ... I accept everything else to align to me. In fact as I write this .. spirits in my head are trying to correct me ... aahhha .. they say .. they are trying to show me how mankind can be controlled by being made to feel small .. for that is the only way man may lose his own battle to his own godhood.

Feeling big is way way too easy ... try it sometime ... just the mere thought of being in such august company (god living in your own mind)  lifts up your spirit and shows you a different world .. how may you ever go back .. you will fight tooth and nail to not only remain where you are .. but keep moving further and further up in godly spirit.

So that tells you quite clearly that you are one aspect of god too. So what are you doing to raise your own vibrations to a level in tune with that of god. All enlightened souls are aware of their own capacities to be like god .... why are you lagging behind .. get up to speed. Use my MasterMind to do that for you.

It was to zoroastrian magis (men of knowledge spiritual ... we have an entire section in zoroastrianism called the schnoom knowledge which is magical in nature.  This is true knowledge of god and what it can do for us as spiritual beings. Do you know how I came by this book .. the person who owned it had put it on a white elephant stall for a mere Rs.10/-. The minute my eyes fell on it .. I just grabbed it as if it belonged to me and yes it does .. for I feel a kinship and a belonging with it.

 One aspect of the way the Law of Attraction is being taught .. never did make sense to me .... it sets people up to fail.  For you must think and feel powerful in yourself   ... and this phrase ... copy paste is for the lazy and the not so confident. It smacks of condescence .. it places you in a bracket as not so smart .. but why would you accept that analysis of yourself. Is it not possible that that is not a kind and just assumption .. that you are indeed a fine specimen of goodness .. and capable of greatness just as much as the next person. It does require a firmness of thinking from your end to not be typified against your good. Buck the trend .. think big for yourself and I swear by all that is holy in our world .. that this is a truth of such magnitude .. it can move the world forward in one swift stroke ... if all of us accepted that we are the smartest this world has to offer. Keep telling yourself ... I am the smartest .. I am the smartest .. any number of times .. and watch smartness come and sit in the fountain of your mind.

But your whole journey as a god is to build self confidence .. your own self worth .. raise your vibration etc etc. It robs you of your "good mind" the one that is protective and prevents your "fall" in any and every way Your authority to choose goodness must rest within your own mind .. the current one .. your soul consciousness in this life.  We are told that soul is everlasting and journeys with us from one life to another. 

Let me explain to you what were my experiences and how they were totally at odds and contrary to what I read of us as souls.

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