Sunday, December 15, 2013


what you scatter .. (bad thoughts for example)  leaves you and leaves in just a short while ..           even the person you scattered it too ... memories are short. To compel others to remember me  ... I rather " gather " for then posterity will at least remember me for what I was worth in fame and wealth. God is remembered and obeyed for being the owner of everything .. down millions of years.  These are the rules of our world .. and no matter what you think ... the rules of success will remain the same always and people are disdainful of anything " less " ...for most of the world is already less than they ought to be .... even when god is/was the guide for their lives ? So what is right and this is what is wrong ... playing small ... thinking that poverty is good .. being humble and subservient is good .... is a lot of poppycock. This way will never pull you out of mediocrity nor will you find god ready and willing to work with you .. until you decide .. I've had enough of feeling small ... I want to feel godly. Say it and then prove you mean it by taking action by buying MasterMind .. for all good intentions are merely just that ... until acted upon. And god does see it all. The world prays to god but is it followed up with actions that will make god sit up and notice you. Seeking god is coming into knowledge .. this knowledge works .. your desire to understand it 100% and fast .. brings that into your horizon ... its at the other end of the rainbow .. follow it and reach that stupendous place .... any life that does ... knows its value for their lives. I sigh with satisfaction.

Its more that shows the way for followers. I stand out from the crowd.  I stick to my fame and fortune formula for it was the one Mazda chose to enlighten me with personally. Mazda shared with me that the world's resources are for my use when I accept him as my guide for my mind. Mazda in my mind is the only one I believe in. Mazda also taught me that whatever knowledge I needed would be shared directly to me .. that I never need to read anything to learn it and so I find that whatever I read I can instantly analyze with the eyes of god and know that I know it. This is ego ... something the world will tell you is bad .. from buddha to many other sages have said it ... but guess what .. I don't buy it .. for I see no grace of god in it.  To come out in a picture frame that which I show as worthy of myself when I am in sync with Mazda .. Mazda says I live through you .. so how do you want to show case yourself .. and I understand that it must be the highest and best that this life has to offer. Its logic of the highest order. I am worthy of calling myself a god. I love god as dearly as my life. God is me as we love in the highest ... for I only see god in my mirrror.

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