Sunday, December 15, 2013


You came to me at dead of night
in a dream ... calling to me ...
Wake up .. you said ... Roda wake up ...
There's work to be done.

And I jumped right in
head over heels in love
with the beautiful idea
planted by you .. in the garden of my mind.

Days passed in such endeavour
months passed into years
and I brought my baby into the world.
I didn't  understand it ... at first ...
in its birth ..... until I smiled !

But as its creator .. I could see no faults
a baby's wrinkled skin soon grows out
All by itself with time
Leaving a flawless complexion
like a crisply ironed sheet 
Lavendery .. in its smell.

Its beauty slowly manifesting itself 
more and more for me to see
The doubts ironed out .. by themselves
Time is the healer of all.

Creation begins in Time and 
In Time comes to fruition
for when a fruit seed is planted
it must yield its sweetest fruit ..
In the fullness of its time.
Your destination must choose 
Its shortest path ...
When God is holding your hand.

The time for MasterMind is now
For its time has truly come ..
If not plucked ... it will fall ...
No bystander can pick it up
Its fruits only for its owner
Who claims it as his own.

The power of God may be seen
In the words of plenty .. his work
I wrote about 300 articles for free
And yet ... they can only be my journey,
For a barter system we live in
Exchanging kindness for value.

This kindness shown by you .. a stranger
Your good .. hidden from your sight
And yet spoken of endlessly ..
And seen by you as your plenty ..
Why sir .. its English I speak .. 
That too of the finest kind.

No grammar mistakes here ..
No excuses to hide behind ..
No faults to find .. as to its perfectness
Only for your life.

Truth can never be hidden
Always showing itself .. to the One
its believer ...
who also owns the power ...
To spend 99 bucks on itself.

God showed me never to fear ....
The power of my pen is mightier than any sword
No one may take away from me .. 
my true worth ....
For it is only given by God.

For as I work with Him .. one on one
He is my Judge .. He is Jury ..
He is me the Victor .. and you the Vanquished ..
He may lose only when it suits Him ...
In everything .. his gain.

For what may begin as a spending
A loss of 99 bucks
Brings in its wake 
Plenty .. Plenty as the mantra for" you" 
For you too are a part of his all.

For placing your trust in God ...
Rivers begin to flow ...
Carrying within them ...
veins of molten gold.
God and I thank you graciously ...
Its a pleasure to see you here ... with us.

I partnered with God at the outset,
I wanted no confusion of mind
I wished  to begin a journey ...
Fruitful from the start ...
So I chose the best .. the best of the best
No teacher more refined could I find ...
For as a giver .. I know of no better kind .

Than the One who has the power to share his all
And yet keep it all for himself !!!
Could you have thought of this my friend
I seriously doubt it .... I do
He is Creator ... He is King Maker,
Let us gift him all our glory ... earned through him ..
Back to him as our Creator.

May I leave you with my best wishes 
They are ... what I give away freely ...
To give away .. to all and sundry
Its your turn now .. the tide has turned
I've empowered you .. 
Through all that I have received.
A new journey begins ... with you as Creator.

Go spread them far and wide
Make God's world the best you can
For it is yours too ... to own ...
Through the power of your mind.

For MasterMind was truly my 6th Sense
He taught me all I teach ...
A sharing at first .. that became my giving ..
More than I needed or ought.

It was the power of plenty ..
Manifesting at first through my mind
That has never felt lack nor need.
I began this journey purely to find
If at all it was a workable idea !

A workable idea indeed it was ..
It floored me with its goodness
It took me a rotund little gosling 
and shaped and moulded it better.
Till my reflection showed me ...
I had to admire myself ...
For I certainly looked a lot better.

Teaching me to teach .. through truths
That bear the testimony of Him
I am You .. when you want me
And even when you don't .. I'm there
Discreet .. so as not to upset you ..
Where may I go .. please tell me ..
I live through you .. my joys are yours
Your sorrows mine .. I have stood the test of Time.

No one may question me ... 
You do so at your peril ..
For love you will find ...
Of the most wily kind ..
I will creep into you ... never to leave
I will take you over ... make you over
And you will know .. you will bless
The very earth .. on which you find yourself.

( I wrote this poem in just a short while .. an hour or two ..
getting up to do the things I need to .. creation is just so powerful
you may not ever contain its all. There is so much for all. With love 
and blessings.)

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