Saturday, February 18, 2017



As MasterMind love seeped into my very bones ... I saw the world .. yours / mine and ours changing subtlely into a better one. It did take all my time but it was me doing the work and I came with no written blueprint to follow. I took inspiration from everything that appealed to me for my life and worked with that idea ... either rejecting it when it did not deliver its perfection or going full steam ahead when it did. It was me taking thinking to its absolute pinnacle .. a 24 hour commitment to see me work. My choice was to go with truths of God for that was clearly the blueprint for the world. I wished to be the best at my work for I am that I am and anything less was just not an option. What can come of mediocrity ???? just an ordinary life and that I already owned ... so obviously I had to reach and touch my own divinity . from whence I had come.

Who am I .. more particularly who was God .. was a question that I tossed around to my mind endlessly.  It took me years to finally see the answer through my own mind. Guess that is the moment when you believe in the Self as the sole creator of your own destiny.  I tumbled all the known logic the world threw at me that said .. pick up that idea .. it is for you too .. the same as the others AND I would fight with that alley cat to return to my divinity. A battle royale would ensue and I would say ... you must always remain the loser .. for there is no goodness of a giving from your end .. you are death warmed up ( the past ... yours / mine and ours ) and I am LIFE .. the living God. Accept MasterMind or remain a fool. I chose to go back to the beginning to return the world its pristineness of the Creator.  I am many minds .. for I see this work being done by others .. but just not with the understanding of themselves as creators and game changers for the world.  I see myself as the bestest and the highest .. no in betweens for me when lives are at stake .. it should not be a fool's world though the world is at best being treated as a bunch of nincompoops / fools through the spirits of others being played as puppets on a string.  

The only true test which I passed effortlessly was in bending realities. There are many who can do herculean stuff .. like bending spoons with their minds or lifting trucks and cars .. stuff that belong to our reality world but I went a notch higher .. I chose to work with time and space and make them bend to my will.  How does one bend things ??? let me share that final secret.

When you hold love within you that goes into another dimension.

I suffered many a punishment but would never give in. And lo and behold another secret of some importance for the world was shared with me. I would be angry as hell with the spirit that tried to punish me with colds and coughs and sundry other illnesses and would merely utter .. I refuse to accept your gifts and return it all back to you as the sender.  It was the spirit that was trying to offload its problems to me but I would have none of it. I learnt one important lesson from each past visionary and would add that to my arsenal of words.  I was preparing myself for the future. I still do not understand it all but I know I am getting there. It is to do with the forever and me as a MasterMind for I proved myself.  

I dare you to become better than me .. together we'll rule the world.

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