Friday, October 14, 2016


Unethical thieving That there has always been a dark side to life has been well documented throughout history. It is a reflection of all that is steamy and seedy and none of it should ever be a source of inspiration .. or so you think .. if at all you ever give it a thought. Funny that on my journey to fame I met with the exact same spirits that create a confusion in all minds. This was my first clue .. to me understanding the past and how man oriented it has been. That success would come to me anyway was a given .. but the spirits of the past think they owned it all and were lending it to us .. though if you looked at it with a fine tooth comb .. you would soon find the lies .. that they too were seeking revenge for the time and suffering they had paid to .. what they call the muse. Such systems existed that they bracketed life .. if you are a woman you looked after the house, etc .. cliches at best, for the women that sought fame .. achieved it anyway. The same stupid thoughts came to torment me .. via the demons of the past, who, if you do not know how to fight and beat , as I did .. will exact a price from you too, be you man or woman. For me it was paid in time. My success constantly hidden from me .. even when I held no fears and nothing apparent seemed to be wrong .. except the old foe of man .. money. Everything in our world of rats .. it is the animal that is found in most minds but it is so deep that unless you are ready to dig deep .. you will never really know it is there. Or basically the spirit that governs such a thing. Everything only changes hands through someone paying a bigger price for an unquantifiable commodity ..In our reality world this is called the game of life. EAT OR BE EATEN. EATEN MEANS A BOWING OUT OF LIFE. LIVE TO EAT ANOTHER DAY .. IS SUCCESS ??????? COME AGAIN.. I THOUGHT TO MYSELF .. THIS DOES NOT SOUND RIGHT AT ANY LEVEL AND SO I DILLIGENTLY SAT ME DOWN TO TRY TO SET IT RIGHT. THOSE WERE THE EXACT WORDS BY THE WAY THAT PUT ME ON THIS PATH. AND SO ONE BY ONE PROBLEMS WOULD BE4 PAID AT MY DOORSTEP .. TILL I SAW THAT THIEVES WHO LIKE TO DO NO MENTAL WORK FOUND SOMEONE TO DO THEIR WORK FOR FREE. BUT BY THEN I WAS GETTING SMARTER TOO SEEING THE INNER WORKINGS OF THE MIND AND SOON FOUND OR DEVISED MY OWN WAYS TO CONTROL MY OWN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. THAT IT WAS THE FORCE OF LIGHT FOR OUR MINDS THAT GUIDED MY HAND WAS NOT EVEN A QUESTION FOR ME .. FOR THAT WAS THE KIND OF PERSON I AM .. AND I DID TAKE THE TROUBLE TO ANALYSE WISDOM AS SEEN BY ME THROUGH MANY BOOKS. IT WAS IN ANGER THAT I BECAME A CREATOR .. TO SET RIGHT HOW THE WORLD WAS BEING LED A MERRY DANCE AND YES PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING .. ALL OVER THE WORLD. I SAW THE CREATOR'S MIND FIRST HAND AS MY MUSE .. GUIDING ME EVER SO GENTLY .. AWAY FROM THE MUNDANE WORLD OF RIGHT AND WRONG TO SHOW ME THAT JUST RIGHT WAS A WORLD OF ITS OWN TOO. THEN I WAS FACED WITH THE SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE TASK OF TURNING MYSELF INTO A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE. ALL THE TOOLS WERE PROVIDED TO ME AND I SOON SAW MYSELF GROWING INTO AN ADMIRABLE YOUNG WOMAN. I IMBIBED ALL MY WORDS .. MADE THEM WORK FOR ME FIRST ... THE ONLY REAL PROOF FOR MY MIND TO ACCEPT THEM AS TRUTHS. PRIDE AND EGO I NEEDED TO USE BIG TIME .. SO I ADDED THEM TO MY PERSONAL ARSENAL OF WHO I WANTED MYSELF TO BE. AND I FOUND GOD .. OR A BETTER WAY TO PUT IT WAS THE GOODNESS INHERENT IN THE WORLD. HERE I WAS AT PEACE / CALM WAS MY SECOND NAME / THE EBB AND FLOW OF TIDES WAS NEEDED TO WASH THE WORLD CLEAN .. BUT THEY DID NOT NEED TO TOUCH ME. LIKE WISDOM .. TRUTHS OF IT ARE SO SCATTERED THAT THEY WILL NEVER BE FOUND BY YOU UNLESS YOU GO SPECIFICALLY LOOKING FOR THEM BUT IF YOU WERE TO .. THEN IT IS EASY TO FIND THEM TOO. in my case. I put a high price tag on wisdom for those that are fake in this world of Gods would baulk at paying more for a book. tHOSE THAT DO NOT UNDERSTAND TRUE WISDOM AS THE ONLY KEY CAPABLE OF OPENING ALL THE LOCKS PLACED ON YOUR MIND DOWN THE YEARS .. SIMPLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND LIFE IN ITS MOST SIMPLICITY. That I speak the truth was but the key that opened all doors to me. The only way you may ever be toppled is if on your journey .. you make compromises. THE FIRST ONE .. UNKNOWINGLY GIVING A HIGHER VALUE TO MONEY OVER YOURSELF. I KNOW MANY PEOPLE WHO SAVED AND SAVED AND EVENTUALLY DIED WITH MOST OF THEIR MONEY IN THEIR BANK. THEY NEVER LEARNT TO FREE THEMSELVES OF THE FEAR OF BEING POOR. THAT THERE WAS A WAY OF EARNING MORE THROUGH THE POWER OF AN IMPOSSIBLY POSSIBLE IDEA .. IS SOMETHING I HAVE KNOWN FIRST HAND. FOR THE FIRST 50 YEARS OF MY LIFE .. ALL MY DAY DREAMING WAS JUST THAT .. DREAMS. THEY NEVER TRANSLATED INTO ANY ACTION FOR BIG SUMS OF MONEY ARE NEEDED FOR THE GAMBLE. BUT WHEN THIS OPTION CAME TO ME .. I GRABBED IT AS THE ONLY WAY FOR ME TO REACH MY DESTINY. IT KNOCKS ON ALL OF US ENDLESSLY. ARE YOU READY TO ANSWER THE DOOR. if you and the fact that I was a woman. A woman is not so easy to topple. A thinking woman .. I dare say impossible.

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