Friday, December 4, 2015



It upset me more to see the problems of the world in my past .. to see suffering and be tolerant of it was to be kind to the spirit that created it ... a bad thought / a sad thought / an angry thought / a vicious thought are what create the sufferings of the world. And it is a spirit that is chained by the devil spirit. When I tried to understand it through delving into this knowledge through my mind .. it turned around to punish me too with suffering. Its another thing that I had figured out how to walk out of it instantly. I would think the thoughts that would remove that energy from me.

I saw how bad was perpetrated by spirit .. I saw it through others. I saw how the mind of the person through whom a certain act was to be done being taken over.  I watched their faces .. their eyes were glazed as if in a trance. They did not move as if the person's spirit was not in their bodies ... but I heard the mind that moved through them.  Spirit showed me how they worked in the world. And it is the saddest story for humanity ... for it can only increase pain and suffering instead of diminishing it. 

this is an incomplete article and is to record my own work

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