Tuesday, April 28, 2015



The human race has undergone many changes to see itself in its present avatar.  I have read many stories that came out of history ... some linking us to descendants from apes and the question that comes to mind is ... if that were the truth .. why are apes still a p e s ??? Can some scientist answer this important question for me.

Yet as we know that a very fine mind created the universe and its several other worlds as original thought.  So answer this question for your own life.  Why do you then baulk at the idea of joining forces with such a benevolent spirit ... which despite all the rubbish the human mind has been guilty of ... still retains its pristineness but refuses to have anything to do with the hoi polloi of life. To me it would be a desecration of  of the purity of a Mind much beyond the capacity of human thought as it exists .. but the possibilities and probabilities are endless as was my experience.  I chose to walk my talk to prove that there was only one thing that stood between any single person and the immense powers held within the universe. I have explained it beautifully in my poem The law of attraction in verse. I think I should rename that poem the Law of Creation in verse.

I did not even stop to think ... what if I fail .. will I not sound like an idle boast. But such thoughts even when they tried to confuse me ... was simply trying to stop my progress .. though what joy it could give another to stop somebody was an eye opener and a lesson to learn .. of the many sicknesses that seem to keep the mind chained and shackled. To me that sounded like some poor loser mentality trying to worm its way into my mind and I was not ready to give it an inch of space in my mind. That would have been a foolhardy thing to do. I was intelligent enough to know that I do not know many things even today ... but for what reason do I want to know everything in the first place.  Whatever gave me joy and an immense happiness to know as a truth I literally sucked it into me hungrily.

I also know that it is possible to know everything through the time required for such an exercise but the price is life long learning and when done for its sheer joy remains a truth of God. 

The value I placed on my own thoughts as intellectual property worth a king's ransom was an idea I latched onto as totally intriguing.  I went beyond just positivity ... I delved into truths .. nothing new .. many have done the same over centuries ... and their life reflected what they found and implemented, dissected and bisected for themselves and I too did the same.  But the one thing I refused to do was to be a slave to conjecture.  That was not good enough for me. 

The past has not been kind to intelligence for many are lazy and so wish to point fingers. I fix you to your own cross and refuse you even a toe hold entry into my world of thought. Find your own and fix all the holes in it.


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