Monday, October 6, 2014


Those who know God
are kind and true
they are not violent
nor do they hurt others.
They help and uplift
they heal and comfort
they give love and joy
they give hope and peace.
For God is love
and God is truth
He is the Great Protector
of all that is good.
Zaneta Mary Garratt

Roda Langrana these are the aspects of God you recognise as good ... so they are the hallmark of the creator .. however a lot more is required to keep the world in order as my mind did show me ... God is the entire gamut of emotions known to man .. not to recognize that is the cause of a lot of suffering for us ... for no one can pretend to be holier than thou ... this was a lesson I was taught when I was good .... we all use anger and all the other negative emotions too .. but the trick is to recognize when to get out of them having used them minimally for our benefit. Academically .. if we go back to that other conversation that we were having .... did not that conversation challenge your power and your thinking ... and God not giving in to your thinking through his other selves ? It is to expand for you the word .. love .. love is non-judgemental . The line you used above .. nor do they hurt others .... is false .. for you must be able to practice what you preach. My dear hurts are not reflection of a violence through a doing .. words hurt more .. for they hurt the mind of god. Violence is only practiced by people who are not aware of themselves as gods and so able to be perpetrators of it. .Please remove all emotion from a lesson I may share. It is not personal .. I am re-affirming myself through my lessons. Put your own name in the place of God in your poem above and see the change it will bring about in you. Your power and glory will become evident to you for you come from goodness. Read my MasterMind .. it was written for people like you .. those who question .. learn ... those who interact and share hold kindness for another through a raising of vibrations. You truly have the potential to be great .. then be a great teacher. MasterMind is the activator of the power of knowledge held in your mind. Everyone's journey is an individual one ...

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