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Being able to impact time and space continuum is considered to be difficult but I find all things easy. I do not need to meditate, cogitate or anything remotely difficult for it feels quite alien to me. When it comes to God or the Universe it sees me from the inside .. I cannot fool it  .. for  it is impossible to do that from within. This is how I achieve my powers .... I am who I say I am ... I am all I say as MasterMind ... doubt that .. and life will make a fool of you every single time .. for that is how life works.  I exist within .. that is the real me. I am proud to be old fashioned enough to say I still believe in God and I link to the ego of God. I get my strength from being in sync with my energy. I have watched some teach the Law of Attraction as communing with your energy .. etc .. etc. When I saw those videos .. there are many .. fiddlesticks I said to myself .. this lady too is so disconnected from her reality .. that energy she does not need to commune with .. she has not the concept that she is that energy. She creates from out of that energy stored for her own use. That is your first mindblock or roadblock .. where God will not open the mouth to speak but ask you to feel or sit still and ask questions and watch the answers flow back. By the way when I was shared the Miracle of God .. he did speak to me ... but that was at a time when I believed that God had to be both .. a male and female. I now know different .. god is both male and female .. but not necessarily the both together .. both have the capacity to be so.

Let me explain the title of my article in simple terms ... space and time are linear .. well they have been said to be so but are not actually so. We have the past .. the present and future as all of our experiences as a spiritual being of light. Space and time work as concentric circles too .. therefore they keep bending to form curvatures.  Let me explain it through the experience of a life ... take a point on a circle .. and let us say it is you .. as you keep moving through life .. that line must be curved or bent to accept the fact that it must at some point return to its origin .. God .. after its work is over in this world. So does not that form a circle.  Space is the space within that circle ... not empty but full of the energy of life. Time is the time taken to return to the point of beginning.  Most lives end when the person is not teachable any more. Keep yourself teachable and you not only prolong life but also make it interesting enough to want to carry on. It is free from limitations set my the mundane world of not knowing the true nature or avatars of existentialism. 

I am able to bend time and space for myself ... motion is a given notion for our life. When I sit mulling on things I will suddenly tell myself .. I am sweet seventeen and my mind within my own circle can take me back in time and place me back to when I was seventeen.  Its another matter that since I no longer disbelieve that I can be all things through the power of my mind .. that I need to actually go back in time to when I was seventeen. I could be 60 years old by numbers placed on me as a restriction by the physical world I live in by having quantified a year as made of 365 days. But what if I refuse to accept that formula for myself and decide that I want a year of my life to be say 5000 days. Why should I think like a sheep ... why not be the shepherd for my life. Now while reading this .. if your gut reaction is to think that I am being stupid .. then all I feel is sorry for you .. for life in all its glory has simply passed you by .. there is nothing new you are willing to accept as a change .. these are possibilities. And once the decision is made .. the dye is cast .. everything can be worked backwards to make the story stick. I simply used this to explain the idea. In simple terms .. this my dear is creation ... any thing and every thing becomes reality .. as it must .. otherwise the story of God .. as a creator par excellence ... will beg the question. Get MasterMind.

I have been doing this for quite some time and becoming darn good at it too. Today morning was the last day of a bootcamp I was attending at the Ritz Carlton on publishing books. I am in the habit of using the services of the Uber taxi company to ferry myself there and back as I have not yet booked my BMW yet.

This seminar starts at the unearthly hour of 9 am and since that is the time I get up normally it was a tough act to be there on time. I brushed my teeth with my eyes shut but I have taught myself to prime my thinking by just stating .. Roda .. you can open your eyes now and be wide awake and it matters not how long I stay up I am as fresh as a daisy till then.

Yesterday there was some confusion with the GPS on my i-phone and the driver delayed me by a few minutes. So this morning I was ready by 8.30 but the cab was a little distance away and I soon began to panic that I might end up being a few minutes late again today too.  And that's when I remembered how I send out my messages to the Universe to stretch the time to fit my arrival by 9.00 am and that is just what happened. I don't know just exactly how it happens but what I do see is me arriving where I want at the time I want. I can say that God brings me back all my chosen experiences.

I have used this method to even delay the visit of anybody meeting with me at a certain time if I am running late and it works perfectly every single time. It has become common for me to just think this way naturally.

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