Monday, September 8, 2014

Stephen Hawking: Research On the ‘God Particle’ Could Cause Space-Time to Collapse

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Stephen Hawking: Research On the ‘God Particle’ Could Cause Space-Time to Collapse

Hawking's new book suggests that the Higgs particle could become unstable and cause a catastrophic vacuum.


My answer to the above on the Alternet

What emerges to me as the truth .. is that knowledge is becoming more accessible and people are going to try to interpret it. My fervent desire for the future is this .. let there be only goodness being interpreted through mind.

I began my journey to teaching the world in kindness and goodness. I now no longer pull the punches for then I would allow what is written above to becoming acceptable to the many who read and accept such a theory. Who gives him the right to play god for the world. We have a perfectly good god looking after us .. and through whose good grace we are still existing.What an absolute asshole .. no wonder god locked up his mind .. he made his intentions clear by becoming an atheist so the experience of god .. of a curing of his body was denied him. he is like the proverbial devil for the world doling out his bad thoughts to those who listen. Ha ha ... what a pathetic creature is that ... his body as a lesson for the world . And to think I once shed a tear or two for him and wanted to heal him.  Think bad and the mind will keep pushing the bad into your own body as an example for the world.  Listen if you will and don't if you don't want to. And to think I actually sent a couple of e-mails to this creature to help cure him. He's the sad face of humanity for it shows the rod of god to those who don't listen. The biggest laugh of people like him is that they think the world is actually one physical world but the truth is that we all must live in the world we create .. just take a look at what he is creating with his thoughts. His thoughts are being given to you as some holy mantra which others seem to lap up.  So if that creature can profess to be a creator for the world .. why not you .. ever thought why you sold your mind power to the devil ... now let me break it down for you the word l-i-v-e-d is the absolute flipping of the word devil which in esoteric translation simply means the bad thoughts of the past passed down through spirit .. through the written word .. which when sent out through books into the world end up creating if someone actually latches onto them .. otherwise he becomes a story which the world soon forgets.  Some may keep his memory alive .. but the masses .. they are tuned out for a jolly good reason ... it is protecting for the person who does not know how to think.

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