Saturday, August 30, 2014



Go read the above article .... I just read a little bit of the above diatribe and I think that the world must think differently ... making a victim of another .... allows its survival instincts to rise to the occasion and it then becomes a predator / aggressor.  Be aware of truths of life .... don't end up being a victim ... for surely justice of god finds a way to get even and you will never be aware of how it happened.

I don't know if you as readers understand the word quintessence ... but it is the dark mass of bad energy waiting to be flipped into a different energy ... a more giving energy. If you understand that all matter must change form and shape through the speed of its vibrations .... the speed of god's creative energy creates through the power of the thought .... the most profound vibration in creation. If you understand that that is how everything did get created in the first place .... and that creation is still going on in perfect harmony with god's plan for a good world .... then you are somewhat clued in.  I learnt all of this through god sharing it directly with my mind.

My reply to the above

Be careful what you wish for ..  for it will surely come to slap you in the face .... constantly labelling peaceful muslims as terrorists is like poking somebody with a red hot poker. Then when they retaliate and will not take your shit and hit you back ... you are affronted.  Wow talk about equality .... but the world is so built for justice by god .... that whether you think you are superior or not hardly matters when you are in the negative .... for you are the devil who will be punished too. God gives the permission to the victim to defend itself ... but not a carte blanche one to continue aggressing. 

Its another matter that the muslims are equally dumb and rise to the bait instead of keeping the peace by playing god.  So the victim and aggressor just keeps changing sides .. but there is never any winner in this game ... just an elimination by death of innocence .... leaving these souls to be flipped by god into other energy or a quick rebirth to eliminate the pain into the next body. The reason why so many children are being born in american families with sever disabilities. Buy MasterMind to protect yourself through an understanding of our world of gods.   When you don't go into spirituality ... do you see the damage you do to the collective psyche of mankind ... for those souls that have been tortured then become the spirits that want to harm through bad thoughts.And the cycle of evil keeps on perpetrating itself. Being aware and praying for an elimination of such trends in thinking will go a long way in changing the world to a better one.                                                        

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