Saturday, May 3, 2014



My first gift to me was to see my 3rd eye open and the vortexes working relentlessly in me.  All the many capacities inherent in me being unleashed for me for my/your use. Spirit / angels called me God .... I then began the journey that allowed me such a clarity of mind/thought that I soon grew comfortable with the honour. Of course it goes beyond your capacity too .. to think of yourself as a god ... but we all hold all the necessary software.  Every single being on our planet .. no matter where they are in their thinking patterns as of now ... can begin the hero's journey.  Your distinction lies in your capacity to bring more to the smorgrasboard that is life and take it one leap better.

After all my chakras opened up I felt the two snakes begin their climb from the base of my spine ... climb upto my shoulders and then the one on the left nestled on my right shoulder and the one on the left nestled on my right .... there was a profound lesson for me there .. for I first saw the right side as positive and the left as the so called negative side of me ... but on my continued learning I learnt that there never is really such a separation if one does not like to see things from such a perspective. I hold a terrific compassion for my left and I initially suffered a bit but I did not allow it to control my desire to be compassionate. In everything my gain when I look through a different pair of lens.

All the capacities that I have the good fortune to read off ... simply flow to me when I tell myself .. I can have this talent too .. I just say it ... I always begin by acknowledging that God is the master of my mind and through him I can have anything I want and he spoils me silly by giving me everything I want. I do love God to bits and the favour is simply returned to me. 

People who love to be martyrish about wealth and money .. haven't really understood the true reason why God empowers people through money. Its to rid you of mindsets that can never help another needy human being. If you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams .. you will never be able to stop talking about it .. and then you are a walking advertisement for God to be able to help many by helping one. You will then go to God effortlessly.

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