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On this journey .. I AM the biggest .. fattest ego … and I made mincemeat of anything standing in my way.  I must say life was truly giving .. allowing me to think I was smarter .. cleverer .. but then your guess is as good as mine … maybe I just was smarter and cleverer. 

This is truly one of my better poems .. it tells your story .. the one you need to follow with MasterMind. This riddle is yours now to play with … have fun … there is no answer and there are so many answers  … enjoy the game with MasterMind …. you will realize that no matter what I do I must always the hero ! Isn’t that simply amazing … now understand why God will never judge you .. for then he would have to judge his own mind. Would you judge yourself ever ? Let me set your mind at rest ... never do so .. for you are perfect .. just the way you are …. don't ever allow anyone to tell you differently ... when I did not have MasterMind I have been everything I should never be ... with MasterMind I am everything I am proud to be ...
I just flipped my own energy .... bless you always.

As a woman I love to nurture

As a woman I always loved to nurture 
It is in .. my very nature
It always was a part of me
So nurture played …  my noblest part.

Through it … I yearned to prove
Success as always a possibility !
I understood this in my very heart ..
My desire was grand and noble.

To create a bolder and greater … world,
And so it was … and ..  
As all the world did praise
Me ? up to a point .. yes
But that .. they became themselves!

You can watch all my methods .. 
You can watch all my ways,                
How I easily perfected myself
Though sometimes made a small mistake.

All in the name of goodness
Did my work ...
And with powerful words converted Shapes ..
which only nurture understands.

Through whirling storms needing calm lakes
When tortured hearts were crying
Hoping for cures of deadly diseases
Lifting …. beseechingly .. their folded hands ..
How I swayed in anger … but never broke.

When good is all I understand
Its goodness in health I understood .. and undertook !
How I showed …. and they are so very many,
those who chose me to open their minds.

To infuse in them .. mind’s art 
The effortlessness of being
Rays of splendour 
The sun’s light .. in completeness.

It begins by sharing …
To the sons .. and daughters !!
Nurture knows what I’m about,
When nature wants … to change all men.

And shake the men .. out of lazy stupor,
And awaken the men
What she wants IS to make the men ,,,
They will do ….  future’s will  !

Then I tried with all my skills
And yearned with all my heart,
With what guile … I prepared them all ..
Just to return them to their goodness.

All recreated  … as good and whole.
Nature told me … I have  never spared …
But did goad them,
Made them fret and sweat.

As into poverty you have been sent
Oh Americans … hear this message.
As consciousness does love you so 
Your mind ... did want to better
Through MasterMind.

This message I do share,
3 years and more ago
A premonition borne out in time
This economic depression was known to me.

My mind shared ..
I have laid out success,
Through helping others ...
I claim it and show the way !

Disappoint she sometimes may,
Just to show you the way ..
Whom she quietly and sacredly anointed.
This did Nature share … was her way.

From what wisdom do I come ?
That always minds what had betide you
Made your genius sob with slighting
So that pride and ego never forgets.

Just so .. hard struggle …
Will never be a bidding price ..
High messages then did reach me
And in loneliness .. it did teach me
What my mind had planned.

For my ego and my pride ...
I AM … the first … in heirarchy !!
So it did come to pass … 
As your eyes I open at last.
As I am the protagonist (goal/hero) .. 
Then my antagonist (spur) 
Too ... must be me.

Now effortlessly   do I show you
Give you your passions to command
Though your why .. you may understand ..
But my terrific candor .. will stir you.

When I poignantly prefer 
To prefer myself .. I AM Me
And …. as my nature wanted  .. 
And …. my mind  … famed me
She … tamed me,
She named me MasterMind.

When nature wants to shame the world
Into doing their heavenly best
She then gives you  the highest test
That in the reckoning of it …
Will and must ... it bring to you !

Your all …. through MasterMind.
All I wanted was … 
To show how life is lived  ..
As a queen ?
B U T ……..
For a while .. I  reined in.

Spirit tried but couldn’t restrain me.
Till my mind could scarcely contain  ..
My anger .. my angst … I was sad …
Spirit I could not catch .. so I blustered ..
And I kicked and pushed .

As a wordy warrior I instinctively knew
The right ones to choose !!

Now .. all limitations .. out of my way.
I was fired with zeal .. to inspire
Shared my yearnings …
Always in tantalizing goals.

My past soul lured .. I lacerated
A lie is a lie even when ..
Everyone believes it !
Past spirit .. I did not answer.

Truth is a truth ..
Even if no one believes it
When as a puppet they will try
To control you.

They could not control me
I learnt; every minute of every day !
Spirit .. or should I call it .. alter ego
As I AM GOOD .. then she was not,
No sir .. no Yin and Yang .. for me.

Brooked no delay … to become ..
I am now … up-to-date
Work to draw my learning higher …
In goodness  I understand many things.

Your energy  … does it need a flipping ?
Of course it does .. if up to now
You did not know it ...
But if your present circumstances ..
You do not like
Understand .. it does.

Learn another trick .. 
Boy oh boy .. was than fun,
Smacking imaginary demons,
My thoughts doing all the gory work.

Made a jungle for Spirit to clear it
Made a desert for Spirit to fear it
And subdued it …. they are the demons ..
Even when it couldn’t me.

Why ?  I am the hero of my story .. 
Don’t you know?
I did  …as Nature would ..
Took on the nurture.
So did I …. MAKETH THE MAN !

Then hurled a mountain in their path
To test all spirits’ wrath,
Put the bitterest choice before them
And like Ma Durga … stood guard over them.

In toughest kindness ...
Climb …. or perish  .. so I say 
Watch my purpose .. watch my ways.

For my nature .. it is so wondrously kind
Did you understand .. my mind ?
Silly are you  … who are blind
To your mind   .. torn and bleeding !

See yourself … then climb unheeded
All your higher powers are speeded.
Blazing newer paths is NOW fine
When your force is just divine.

It leaps to challenge every fear
Love’s labour …  its sweet
Hope is ignited and burning
Even in the presence of imagined defeat.

Hail … the crisis .. as over  ..
Hail and shout
I did call ME .. THE LEADER OUT !
When as we .. you needed salvation
Didn’t  I come to lead the nation .

Then did nature show her nurture
Then the world did find ME leader …
OH MasterMind ! you are the leader ..

Make sure you did learn a lesson from
Each temporary defeat …
Experience is gleaned ..
Sometimes from defeat.

Its  the knowledge .. 
Its stood the test of Time,
Build your Ego .. make it strong ..
It will hold out a hand .. to stop your fall.

Its grace of Conscious mind … 
It loves you .. and only you … 
My dear ... MasterMind is / was 
And shall ever be my name.

Learn its words 
Just like your tables .. 
Focus ...
They become the sums 
Of the  +s for your life ..
 Bringing you their joys …
The more to lead your new rich life.
 Love must have its way.

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