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law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

Have you played the game
Of gender bending
Called a gender bender.
Each one trying to be the better half ?
So I say ..... why not the both
Its true .. as a god you are a bit of both.

Did you stop to ponder
As a soul .. you've lived in many bodies
Sometimes as a man
Sometimes as a woman.

So why this separation now
Why this disconnect ..
It is foolish ... when you think of it
A motley fool .. you are.

I watched a video .. just a while
By a man .. his name
Of no importance ..
He was but a man
Too full of being a man
Pernicious were his words
They hurt ... women
But him more than he will ever understand.

For you must accept
Deep within your mind
That the reason any one carps
Shows up an insufficiency of himself
Momentarily .... in his own mind !

We may all have been guilty
Of such dastardly acts
But the question that I ask .. is
Will you repeat a wrong
Knowing it did not work ??

Are you the bitter half ?
Or the better ?
Your actions will judge you
Oh foolish mind ...
You may be one of that ...
So the question that I ask ? ...
What is the competence of your competing ?

I now understand why man
Has tried to subjugate a woman
He knows deep within
She is the receptor ...
Known as the creator.

You may shout as loud as you want
You may punish or hurt or crown
But the spirit called woman
You may never touch
For she holds the right to be the one
To punish you .. or
The one who gives through love.

I have seen the world
And I do like what I see
So much goodness in humanity
Just a few bad ears of corn
Well there may be ...

And you wanna know the truth of that
Its because they have not been shown the way
I've seen life at its very best
I have not seen its worst
And I'd like to keep it that way
For I know the secret
Be good .. no matter what.

A good friend of mine
Diabetic .. he was
Have been counselling him for a while
And so was his wife.

I taught them how to heal themselves.
At a wedding we did meet last week
And the man .. 70 +
Comes up to me and asks
With deep agony ...
How much sugar is there in a whiskey ?

So I told him worry not
So get yourself a glass
Just say an ashem vohu
Your fears your mind has eliminated
For you came to me for help.

Just by linking to words
That hold immense potentials within them.
I was his MasterMind ...
For he did ..
Put his faith ..
He did trust me ...
To come up trumps for him.

If God were to be a man
He must be  a knight in shining armour
For every woman
As God made a woman as good as himself
So what must a God ... think of a woman ?

God put his trust in a woman
To be his better half
Is the only answer I can come up with !
If you are a man
You will focus on this poem.

Let your mind think on my words
There's nothing new that I have written
If a king you wish to be
First get a woman
who already thinks she is a queen.

Each man and woman
We play our many parts
Must think on these truths profound.
Make another feel worthy
And you will feel worthy too.
Is there still a reason ...
Now for you to find ...
Any competence in competing !
How may you ...
you are its benefactor
Its raison d├Ętre.

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