Monday, June 10, 2013



Only the best ... only the very very best 
is what I'll ever be ...
for that's what I asked of me
And then I learned one on one 
Through each day ....
What God had in store for me
I created with thought ... the One .. 
The unparalleled One
Through MasterMind ... The One
The language of God and me .. the One.

Mr.Crowey and Mr.Mynah .. are angry ...
Mr. Parrot was all whiney ..
He's never scolding .. 
He's our sub-conscious .. the one power
That all must follow .. for there is no other.

In the Law of Attraction in the past
People have assumed roles 
That border on autocracy,
Dictating to others .. the results to expect
No wonder so many did fail.

For mind of man is mind of God,
There is not just the one journey,
For every man through his mind
May choose his very own path
That brings to him .. his own joys.

Its dictatorial to think my needs 
Could be the same as yours.
For mind is happiest when
Left to decide on love for itself.
Whom have I pleased ...
Why God of course 
For he is me .. its a relief ....
I respect that I may only point the way
to God through my MasterMind ..
But in the final analysis ...
It remains sine die ....
That God is the creator of all.
For a burden it would be 
To try and sort
what gives everybody joy.

His work ... to teach us right from wrong
To learn these lessons  ..
An open Mind is a must ...
Be not afraid to relearn
Life from God's point of view,
For I hand you over to him through MasterMind,
Then love of self ....I admire your strong will ...
is generally quite enough ... 
To complete all work.

With love of all  ..  as all is love
They too are my knights in shining armour
They showed me where God hides his gold
For me to loot and plunder.

Dark is the night ... He is my newly understood friend ..
I see many enjoy his gifts of TIME, 
A privilege born out of no fear ..
Just a love for all of mankind.

I grabbed it too ... with both my hands ..
I was greedy .. did I feel bad ...
to enjoy my new found friend ?
My acceptance of Him was enough ... 
He flew right in
And made himself at home.

I felt Him nestle on my left shoulder tip .. 
another lesson learnt ..
But at my own insistence ..
Another angel befriended.
For as I judge .. so I is judged,
Only love will never judge.

Equidistant from light .. equidistant from mind ..
Equal in every way ... but more profound
For night may give you ... what light can't
I see him too as an expansion of Mr. Time.

Have you heard of quintessence ....
Dark Matter ... the 5th dimension ...
From this are all things created ..
It is the source that carries to you
All things that went out as thoughts.

For your gold is hidden from your sight ..
In alignment with all must you be ..
To understand vastness .. humble should you be ..
Of all that is not understood by you at first ..
For all of us ... you, me and Holy Spirit
are the only Gods of our world.

God gives through them ...
Is it not his best for you ..
It surely was what you asked.
Is it second best ...
No, no, that's never true.

With God ... accept everything 
As better than best ...
For his love is fierce .. 
And will fiercely protect itself !

We all are Gods ... an avatar of Him ..
Do read my poem on our 'ÁURA'
Go tell him I shared his knowledge with you ..
For whether you're asleep... 
Or whether you're awake ...
He does his work for you .. me .. thank you.

All is always mine .... am I  God ... 
what are your thoughts on it ? write and share ...
For a discussion or two .. to while the time
With forever as our destiny.

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