Thursday, February 16, 2017


As I sit reading a book titled "Mind of God" .. the chapter is - can the universe create itself which theorizes about how the universe came into being .... an amazing experience was shared with me by my mind. I began seeing my powers of creation as per my wishes. I am yet to purchase the plot next door to build a bigger house and yet work has begun to sink a borewell. Not by me but the work getting done for me as all is me and I am all  too .... as I must allow it to be ... for it is only when I accepted it as a part of me as all is me too (this means ... think this is true) that I truly understood our Oneness.

So what is the lesson in it for you. Even when you are unaware how things are being moved ... to make your life beautiful, there is a force within your mind ..... trying to manifest it for you.

Truth is perfection ... it cannot be a half truth ..that don't impress me much think you're cool .. but have you got the midas touch .. now don't get me wrong ... you may be alright ... but that don't impress me much!!!!!   For then you get half hearted results ... truth is unequivocably TRUTH, as in perfection ... that impresses me much. When I am ... goodness .. truth of perfection .. that impresses me much. You too can reach perfection by simply following the truths of God ... that should impress you much. The only persons not capable of being impressed are the ones without an imaginative mind.

A lot of people have forgotten to connect to goodness for themselves. Do you strive to be "I am perfect body born out of a perfect "Mind" - I am perfection". Do you seek that perfect state for yourself even when the going gets rough. Truth is no more difficult to work towards .... as lies. There is energy expended in both activities. One is a giver ... another a taker. 

Observe the giving to yourself through the statement quoted above .... I receive and enjoy perfect health  every minute of the day. 

Now when you deviate from truths what happens say ... its possible to get sick everyone gets sick ... and you believe this ... the power of your mind to give you the perfect health that is your birth right is not yours - result ... it is taken away from you and you fall prey to all the illnesses you think are your birth right? Funny isn't it .. you wonder where all these illnesses came from ... thin air possibly ... a creation of your mind perhaps?  The illnesses become your various gifts ... what a misuse of creation ... having its powers of perfection used absolutely wrongly. And then you begin to wonder what you did to deserve all the rubbish you have going on in your life !!!!!!!!! But another truth .. you are the one responsible .. for there is no one else living in your mind.

I am perfect body born out of a perfect mind - I am perfection.
The perfection of your body and random invasive tests.
One more truth to blessing yourself.

Now I too did not always have this knowledge ... but by jove am I glad that I am in my own shoes and not anybody elses ... simply because I opened my mind to receiving God and goodness in all its myriad hues. I sought His perfection for myself. I keep teaching it to all who will listen. I have realized that what is of the most import to me is implementing it all for my life .. for I am my highest priority. Then I share ... but only with believers ...its a waste of my energy to work with folks who think they know better ... and only like the sound of their own voice.... which would be good and correct if they were receiving blessings in every moment of their lives... and when you aren't ... shut up and listen. 

When you shut up ... you accept that the void you create with your silence ... will fill itself up with right knowledge .... I am perfect mind and I like listening to truths.

What set off my thinking along these lines was seeing photographs of a random health camp. The de rigeur of all such screening camps ... check to see if this body part is working well or not? .. 

Truth ... God's truth ... this is a particularly brainless thing to do .... even when you are not a particularly clever person incapable of thinking for yourself.... instead of following in every Tom, Dick and Harry's footsteps, X did it so I must do it too. Have you sold your brains to the kabariwalla (the person who collects the stuff you do not use). Its tantamount ... truth does not yield itself to a ditherer ... I can tell you from my own experience ... you may make mistakes while on this journey and you will be forgiven every time ... but have you made your intent known to begin this journey.

Are you one who has put to test the perfection of your body? Note - your body was created with absolute precision perfectness ... and once it was made ... it has not needed an upgradation. All the advances we see around us ... happen when we use the head we are given... i.e. seek to learn God's truths as we see it in his creations of nature all around us. When we seek to understand that perfection ... we open up perfection for ourselves. 
When you do not use the head you are given ... what is your fate .. I shudder to think ... for I am not scared to hurt your sentiments for my desire is to free you from the limitations you have placed on your mind and offer you the freedom of having implicit faith in the God within you keeping all things tickety boo for you ..having created the most perfect human machine ever for itself ... you in your body become more Godlike too ... for everything is God .. so stop doubting its efficacy.

Just imagine if the running of all your vital organs were left to you ... you'd be finding so many faults with them .. that you would not last for the number of years that you do. So understand that there is God present in your mind to do all the things you don't know how.

This allows you to create the many gifts of perfect health ... which by the way has always been yours to have .. only you don't 'THINK' of yourself as a part of God and so miss the bus for your life ... but the bus .... why it will always wait for you to jump on board .... huffing and puffing for you are resisting that pull .... 

MasterMind is pushing a reluctant  you to open the shutters of your mind to let the light in. Hey Roda .. don't go so fast  ... what are you telling me ... that I may be Godlike too ... ****  REALLY **** THEN I WANT TO CATCH UP WITH YOU ... what you ask is what you receive and instantly all the empty spaces of your mind begin to fill up with the knowledge of your heritage ... its just too awesome to contemplate ... just accept yourself as who I say you are and then work backwards to fill in the gaps.

Begin with MasterMind .. it is the only way to go.

Monsieur God .... when I said hello to you ... I began to see ... that I'm in love with me ... for when everything is me .. and everything is you ...I do realize ... the kinda paradise ... my oh so sentimental love could lead me to. Monsieur God ..... I know its right ... and I don't ever wanna go wrong in thinking, any more.... la la la la la la

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