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God as we know and understand him is Perfection. Now picture a perfect circle … what we call the circle of love …. so what is it made up of ….. a void ….. so why is there a void ….. cause love is something you do not see although it is there … it is something you feel .. its intangible … its non-physical … its something you see with your mind’s eye … so are your mind’s eyes open enough for you to see … that which you don’t see … if its non-physical why do you see a void in the circle. The perfect answer … to remind you to put your love into it … its bottomless and expands to take all in. So what happens when you put yourself into that circle .. for you are always identified by your love … are you love potion No.9 ???? 
Where God is concerned everything begins and ends with love ….the most  powerful magnet there ever will be for our world. So why is love so important .... for where there is love .. there is less destruction .... there is a fierceness in the psyche of mankind that is geared to self-preservation ... the survival of the fittest thing .... and God is the biggest example of cannibalisation there is ... for as God is everything ... God alone is responsible for creation and destruction ... the duality appearing once again ... but there is one allowance for co-existence ... when the self is not under any threat of an attack of any sort ... everything around that being is allowed to grow and prosper. Any sign of threat to the individual ..... and when you learn how through MasterMind ... you will shut the doors to your mind and go within .. for the God within your mind's sole job is to protect the body in which it lives.But there is a method to begin thinking in the manner for your soul to go back in time and bring back to you all the knowledge .. you require!   Your only other result ... illnesses because you do not know how to protect yourself.

No money too .... unless you learn what I learnt from MasterMind .. that as a God my mind provides me with all the tools to succeed. Let me explain ... everytime I challenged the spirits and asked them for my success and fame .. for if they were my angel spirits that is what they are expected to do .. but all they did was move into vehicles and drive off at full speed and my mind would start running too. It was only then that I learnt how the spirits confuse us when we don't understand why things that happen are because the spirits of the past are tripping us up. I was going to a function last night and this same scenario began with me .. till a eureka moment occurred and I literally put the brakes on myself .. my mind told me ... hey Roda .. why are you running ... as a God you are just where you are meant to be ... don't follow the crowd even if they are spirits .. they are also the souls of dead people and just because they are dead does not make them any more smarter than you .... consciousness .. that is jiva .. that is life ... is constantly becoming better and better because it is having life experiences that forces it to get better ... the only other way as I explained above is a cannabilisation by God .. of God .. for God .... destruction of all souls who do not toe the line of God to coming back into this world as a lower form .... a fitting punishment for people who do not want to open themselves to understanding who they are as spiritual beings. Atheists are you listening ???? There is nothing more for me to say .. what my mind shared I shared with you to save you ... now it is up to you.

So the spirits did teach me after all ... they showed me all that was wrong in the past ... so that I could teach the present generation to move away from such mistakes .. so that they do not end up repeating themselves.

 Nothing but nothing comes remotely close in comparison. Its funny … I just thought about atheists and was about to pity them … then this powerful thought came to me … even atheists love somethings … so what are they doing … they are sending love to God albeit indirectly .. for as God is literally everything … He even gives them a safety net to fall into. Ok …He says now let me see if you can deny me …. and He has a chuckle … for He has won … as always … for love can never lose …. for that is how God made the world … to love all unconditionally … so what in wisdom’s name are you faffing about pray ? Open your eyes wide and read the writing on the wall. You are loved .. even when you shut God out of your life …. and when you go too far …. death comes …. and even that too is God’s way of protecting you … He wants to hold you in this arms to soothe you … so there you go.
It is different for the awakened … for them life becomes bliss on this earth itself … and that is what you need to aim for.
I have opened your thinking to accepting a more beautiful aspect of yourself ….. but in the ultimate …. you must stake your position inside that circle to receive its many benefits. That is when God notices you. You must voluntarily walk into that circle … for then your actions begin to speak for themselves … and actions are the precursors of results. You begin to live the life of your dreams.
That first step … no one else can take for you … its a tiny one … just one …. its your commitment to your own self … you must be self driven … to beam your own message to God … you see me … I just got here … I am not perfect but I am deserving … you are the guide for my life .. my very own MasterMind … that is all … you have crossed the rubicon by yourself.
So simple really … it was always your thinking that was important .. for we all live through our minds. Amen.

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