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Call it coincidence or whatever other name you wish to give it ...but neglecting to give it its due recognition has only one fallout ... a biggy where you are concerned for it promptly turns its back on you and cocks a snook at you. Its message is very clear I am ready to give you what you want at a snap of a finger and you want to bog your life down by struggling ... so go ahead I'll have some fun watching you ... and man oh man that ain't funny at any level .. for the days can turn into months and the months into years !!!!

I began my journey into the law of attraction about the same time I began internet marketing and the initial days were tough when I had not mastered the Law and how to use it to my benefit. I am good on the computer but a wee bit lacking in my ability to install software and use its advantages. Ahh well ... were I to have used that as an excuse and moved away from internet marketing ... I might not have seen the success I am seeing now. Slowly but surely I evolved my own ideas of marketing with my level of diligent competence ... teaching myself to use whatever I could cull out of products marketed online, etc. I market in an absolutely different way ... this has not stood in the way of my online success. You are here reading this so you know that you have visited a blog ... not a fancy website. And yet I am doing better and better in my sales. When I want traffic I simply ask God to help me out with traffic .. after I have made sure that my sites are up to date and sometimes as I sit having thought this I can literally see my stats rise just in the minutes I have thought it ... so where did I go wrong in the past... its obvious to me now.... I did not ask for that traffic to buy from me earlier ... which thinking I have rectified and I am now seeing sales. How dumb was that ... but the Law is precise .. it only gives you what you want think carefully about what you want and ask away. 
I wanted many sources of income ... my foray into the law of attraction with my books on amazon and on the kindle and internet marketing which I truly love for it does have the potential to earn you big bucks. I am happy with the direction that my life is on presently ... its a happy place ... and I am grateful to God for giving me a better second innings. The only thing that got me to this place is the choices I made for myself. I did not run down and fear internet marketing like a lot of people do ...let them be .. they simply got suckered out of a good deal. 

You need to strengthen your though systems to get what you want out of life ... but do teach yourself how to think right ... instead of trying and trying and failing at things and making life difficult for yourself. I give you one choice of helping yourself ... the link to my book on the Law

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